Reel Breakdown

0:00 - 0:57 Clips from short film Family Portrait, Art Direction, Set & Puppet Fabrication, Set Dressing, Lighting, MOCO, Animation, Compositing
0:58 - 1:04 Animation Test at LAIKA Animation Department, property of LAIKA, LLC
1:05 - 1:13 Armature, Puppet Fabrication, Animation
1:14 - 1:33 Clips from short film Rabbit TailorArt Direction, Set & Puppet Fabrication, Set Dressing, Lighting, Animation, Compositing
1:34 - 1:51 Armature, Puppet Fabrication, Animation


+ LAIKA Film 5 (Feature Film)


I was a Jr. Model Maker at LAIKA Art Department from 7/2016 to 9/2017 for the production of it's upcoming stop motion feature (Portfolio will be available after the theatrical release of the new film.) I also worked on some recreations of the previous films' props for LAIKA's social media marketing.

Responsibilities: create three dimensional miniature props and sets for film 5. My tasks includes sculpting, vacuum forming, soft goods, dyeing fabrics, wood carving, leaser cutting, soldering as well as many heavy duty tools to for constructing the miniature sets. 







Proterty of LAIKA, LLC


Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas (TV Movie)

I was a puppet and set fabrication intern at Screen-novelties for the production of Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas. My responsibilities included repair silicone puppets, sand and paint 3D print heads, make costumes, construct wire armatures, build and paint background sets. 


+ My Little Sister (Short Film)  

My Little Sister is my MFA thesis film at California Institute of the Arts. It's a short stop motion film tells a sibling story happened in 1990s China. I did the art direction, production design, puppet, costume, model making, set fabrication, set dressing, lighting and compositing for this film. 

Character & Production Design

Puppet Fabrication






#Baby (oversize)


Production Photos


+ Rabbit Tailor (Short Film)

Rabbit Tailor  tells a story about a rabbit tailor who makes puppet dolls and sells them through internet. I did the art direction, set & puppet fabrication, animation, sound, compositing and editing for this film.

The Making of Rabbit Tailor

Film clips

Puppet Fabrication


+ Felt Puppet Designs 


As an stop motion animator, I also happen to be a foodie. To combine two of my passions together, I create stop motion films with food.  These are the clips from my animated documentary FOOD, and commercials for Annie's Homegrown. I did the direction, animation, sound, compositing and editing for this films.

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