I worked at LAIKA Art Department from 7/2016 to 9/2017 for the production of its 5th stop motion feature film (Portfolio will be available after the theatrical release of the new film, LAIKA's previous 4 features Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings received 4 Oscar nominations for Best Animated Feature Film and one for Best Visual Effects) I also worked on some recreations of the previous films' props for LAIKA's social media marketing.

Responsibilities: create graphic and three dimensional art works for various sets.









Proterty of LAIKA, LLC


I worked at Screen-novelties Art Department in 2014 for the production of Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas. My responsibilities included making character puppets, costumes, build and paint background sets. 


+ Google Corporate Social Responsibility (Online Videos)

From 2011 to 2012, I worked as Intern Video Editor for Google Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Beijing office. I edited promotional videos and animation for its first and largest nationwide college philanthropy competition in China. 
More videos on official website: www.gong1chuang1.com


- Collect video files from the shooting team. Transfer, edit and upload final videos on Google's social media accounts.
- Meet with marketing team, web design team, program manager weekly. Pitch promotional videos and animation ideas.
- Interview and recruit new video editor interns.


+ FOOD (Short Film)

FOOD is an animated documentary that features interviews with a wide variety of eaters from around the world. Ranging from vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians to some seriously dedicated carnivores, the conversation raises many substantial issues about the environment and modern life. By pairing real inter- views with stop-motion animation, the film presents a group of “edible characters” discussing themselves.

This film was produced entirely by myself. I was the interviewer, editor, animator, baker ( yes, I baked those cookies), compositor, sound designer and distributor for this film. The animation was shot entirely in green screen and composited with live action background footages. 



Special Mention of Student Films in International Festival of Animated Films ANIFILM 06, Trebon, Czech Republic, 2015
Semifinalist in Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2015, USA
Best Animation in Real Food Media Contest, USA
Audience Award in Best Environmental Film - interfilm Berlin - 30th International Short Film Festival Berlin, Germany, 2014

Full List of Festival Selections



+ Family Portrait (Short Film)

Family Portrait is my MFA thesis film at California Institute of the Arts. It's a short animated film tells a sibling story happened in 1990s China. By only using grayscale and a few momentary dollops of red as the color palette, I try to create an aesthetic that recalls family memories and a child's imagination.

The characters were made out of felted wool with a mix of hand-drawn animation for the expression. As the director of this film, I lead a crew of 10 artists during the production. I also did the script, art direction, production design, puppet, costume, model making, set fabrication, set dressing, lighting and compositing for this film.

Character & Production Design

Production Photos


Rabbit Tailor  tells a story about a rabbit tailor who makes puppet dolls and sells them through internet. I did the art direction, animation, sound, compositing and editing for this film.

The Making of Rabbit Tailor

Film clips


+ Encounter (Short Film)

Encounter  is a stop motion short film about a mischief boy adventuring in an unknown house then got caught by the senior owner who lost her grandson in a car accident years ago. The released intruder felt the grandma’s sorrow, and tried to help her finding the peace of mind. The setting was based on the architecture of Suzhou, a historical water-town in Southern China.  I was the co-director, art director, animator, camera, sound designer, compositor and editor for this film.


Best Director Award of the 12th China College Students Original Film Competition, 2011
The Second Prize of 2010 CAFA (China Central Academy of Fine Arts) Excellent Graduation Works, 2010
Golden Award of 2010 North-East Asia International Animation Competition, 2010
The Second Prize of the 1th Beijing College Students Animation Design Competition, 2010
The Prize of Excellent Works of the 1st Animation Festival of College Students Across the Straits (Taiwan), 2010
Motion Graphics Award of National Collegiate Animation Competition, 2010
Best Design of Art Award of ACG-CCTV Student CG Work Competition, 2010
Honorable Award of IEF2010-WE3 Wuhan 1st East Asia 3 Countries Students Digital Arts Biennale, 2010
Excellent Students' Work Award of the 10th China Animation Academy Awards, 2010


+ Annie's Homegrown (Online Videos)

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